About Us

About Us


Douglas Bentley

I am honored to connect with you. Like so many others across the planet at this time period, my life has been one of deep spiritual seeking, healing, and awakening.

When I was very young I began having experiences of states of oneness with all of life which set me intensely on a spiritual path to understand how to flower into these states as a natural way of being.

My seeking lead me to live in India as a monk for 10 years learning the sacred principles of awakening.

As I learned the art of inner transformation and emotional healing I began to naturally awaken to the natural state of feeling connected to all of life.

As my heart healed and opened a deep passion to be of service to others lead me to co-create Sacred Wisdom School, which is a community and school for people of all paths to come together so to support each other in our inner journeys.


Prema Bentley

From my heart, Blessings to you.

My journey throughout my life has been a path of discovering unconditional love, and awakening to the Divine presence that surrounds, and guides each of us.

My passion and focus in life, is to serve in the highest capacity, my sacred son Gabriel, as his mother, and help humanity heal their hearts; so to restore them to their natural state of unconditional love and joy.

I have been fortunate to have been taught by awakened masters since a very early age, and throughout my adult life, whom have bestowed the sacred principles, and wisdom of inner transformation and connection to Source.

I am committed to sharing this great wisdom, and my experiences with all who are open to grow. Blessings of love and joy to you.