June 26th to August 7th


Awakening to the Divine Hand of Reality


Awakening to the Divine Hand of Reality

The entire universe is alive and vastly intelligent. What we experience as reality is actually pure eternal consciousness vibrating as time and space. This underlying consciousness is Sacred, Divine, and intrinsically connects all of life together. As we flower in awareness we begin to experience both this interconnectedness and Divine intelligence all around us, and we start to awaken to a sacred communion with it in our hearts. This 6-week online journey taught by Prema and Douglas Bentley aims at helping us awaken to this sacred relationship in our hearts, and learn the wisdom and principles of connecting and flowing with the divine intelligence of life. This course will be an experiential journey that offers many powerful processes to activate and raise our spiritual energies so as to help us directly experience higher states of consciousness. This course will focus on these aspects:

  • Awakening our hearts to our inner knowingness, intuition, and guidance
  • Activating and raising our spiritual energies
  • Sacred Principles of Prayer, Intentions, and Manifestation
  • Surrendering to the flow of life
  • Understanding the realm of miracles and grace
  • Developing a personal connection with the Sacred
  • Learning the Sacred Art of Blessing

The Practicals

Course Details


  • June 26th to August 7th


  • Sundays 11am to 12:30pm Eastern Time
  • Wednesdays 7:30pm to 9pm Eastern Time


  • Classes held on Zoom
  • Daily wisdom and sharing held on Telegram Messenger App


  • Heart-Based Reciporcation

Registration & Course Payment

Heart-Based Reciprocation

The vision of this work is to make all of our online courses and workshops accessible and affordable to everyone across the globe.

To make this possible we have created a system called Heart-Based Reciprocation.

What this means is that you can attend all our online courses and workshops free of any fixed cost, and make payment once the program ends.

All that we request of you are these two things:

  1. Your sincere commitment to participate fully and go through the entire course.
  2. At the end of the course, you will make a payment based on what you felt the course was worth to you with what you can afford.

This system allows the opportunity for anyone to attend our programs, and for this work to be supported through the hearts of those who participate based on what they feel called to give and can afford.

Helping in the healing and awakening of humanity is the focus and passion of our lives, and we deeply honor your ongoing love, support, and contributions to make it possible for us to help others.

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