The Sacred Science of Intention & Manifestation

Oct 10th to Nov 21st


The Sacred Science of Intention & Manifestation


The Sacred Science of Intention & Manifestation

Join Douglas & Prema on a transformative 6-week online journey to learn the sacred principles and wisdom of the power of intention and manifestation.

One of the most important bridges to cross on our inner journey is bringing our spiritual transformation directly into our daily lives so to live the life our hearts desire.

Great Masters and Sages throughout history have displayed the amazing ability of having their words, intentions, and prayers manifest powerfully into their lives or the lives of others.

This Sacred Science of Sankalpa (intention) is a powerful tool to aid you in manifesting the world you wish to live in.

This course focuses on bridging this gap and empowering you with practical yet profound wisdom of the sacred science of intention and manifestation.

In this course you will be taken through transformative principles, powerful meditations, and sacred activations to help move you into higher states of consciousness and direct experience of the inner wisdom of manifestation.

This course is for anyone who feels called to learn this sacred science so to help them create the reality they wish to experience


Taught by: Douglas & Prema Info:
  • Two 1.5 hour sessions each week, held on Sundays & Thursdays.
  • Daily teachings and sharing held in a Telegram Messenger group.
  • Oct 10th to Nov 21st Weekly Meetings:
  • – Sundays: 11am to 12:30pm Eastern Time – Thursdays: 7:30pm to 9pm Eastern Time
  • Heart-Based Reciprocation of your choice at the end of the course


Heart-Based Reciprocation

The vision of this work is to make all of our online courses and workshops accessible and affordable to everyone across the globe.

To make this possible we have created a system called Heart-Based Reciprocation.

What this means is that you can attend all our online courses and workshops free of any fixed cost, and make payment once the program ends.

All that we request of you are these two things:

  1. Your sincere commitment to participate fully and go through the entire course.
  2. At the end of the course, you will make a payment based on what you felt the course was worth to you with what you can afford.


This system allows the opportunity for anyone to attend our programs, and for this work to be supported through the hearts of those who participate based on what they feel called to give and can afford.

Helping in the healing and awakening of humanity is the focus and passion of our lives, and we deeply honor your ongoing love, support, and contributions to make it possible for us to help others.


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